Feedback from our troops!

We have received some great feedback from deployed soldiers around the world regarding the games we have sent them! Here are just a few comments:

“Dear Games for Troops.  Thank you very much for the Munchkin Deluxe!  I just received it in the mail.  I am so excited to play it with everyone.”

“Dear Games for Troops, Thank you so much for the gift of Cards Against Humanity. They are going to fill us here with hours of laughter and fun.”

“Hello, I would like to say thank you for you’re support. We just received you’re donation today. The two bundles (Magic the Gathering). We will be having a tournament mid this month. I’ll be sure to send you more photos of us all using them for draft or prizes. Thank you so much again. We hold game nights every Friday Monday and the weekends. If you come across more we would love you’re help for out game nights. “

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